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You Absolutely CAN Live a New Story

If you've ever been held hostage by a bully past (even if that past was 17 days ago), you can be restored and re-storied. In this free 40-page ebook, discover tangible ways to let go of past pain so you can find joy today and embrace genuine hope for your future, written by an author who has been there.


Everyday folks like you love the book:

A good book is a warm invitation. “Welcome, friend! You’re not alone.” You can be yourself. What a relief! The real host of this book is God, who invites you to share your story of pain—honestly—so he can share his story of redemption.
This is a good book, a hopeful book.

Troy Cady, founder of PlayFull

I can’t stop thinking about re-story and the idea that God can use the pain from my past to positively impact the lives of others. Mary’s honesty encourages me to dig deep and apply the practical steps she lays out to see how my story can be a story of beauty for ashes.

Yanci Yarbrough McGregor, church planter

Just like you and me, Mary has endured more than her fair share of hardships, but the primary difference between Mary and most others is how honest she is with the egregious behaviors acted onto her. Mary's honesty and beautiful struggle has opened my eyes on how to re-story my story - have an everlasting and redemptive relationship with Jesus Christ.

Arthur Johnson, world traveler

The reason why this has profoundly affected me is that Mary takes you into the darkness, but she doesn't leave you there. She reaches down, and pulls you out, with the arms of God's love, and His ability to redeem even the deepest, or scars. She bravely gives a voice, to the invisible and she lends us her courage just long enough for us to grab hold of it, so that our story too, doesn't go left untold.

Sarah Kacala, worship leader, songwriter

"'You Can Live A New Story" had the affect on me that most of Mary DeMuth's books have: eyes shrink wrapped in tears, a resolve to do away with shame, and determination to shine a light in dark places, both in my life and into others. Get ready to dig deep and say 'yes' to the life Jesus died for you to have.

Shane Blackshear, podcaster

Mary put into words what has been happening in my life. If anyone's life needed to be re-storied, it was mine.This idea that our lives can be re-storied by telling our story is transformational.  Oh how I love telling about how my life was re-storied. It's like I've said, "Every story matters." Every re-story matters, too.

Anna Le Baron Davenport, memoirist


You Can Live a New Story showcases the powerful truth of Mary DeMuth's incredible journey as not just a Christ-follower but as a person. This ebook is packed with life-giving anecdotes and wisdom from a beautiful soul uniquely gifted and equipped to help those of us (all of us) who are hurting from something. Read this book and learn how you can Re-Story your life through a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ben Wolf, founder of Splickety Publishing Group

Tell it. Trace it. Find and Replace it. Now its time to fully embrace it. Mary's shared, healed life through her books, helps us live in the tension of an unfinished story. Although God is stronger we can wrestle with Him and prevail. Your life's timeline reveals an ever faithful God as Mary displays.

Greg Amey, Christ-Follower in Australia


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